Andrew Ashton



There are many people to thank for the making of this website. However before I do this I must fulfil some legal obligations. Although what you see here are my creations, the control of the copyright remains very much in the hands of the publishers for who I have worked. They have generously provided me special permission to show these works and it must be made clear that images and layouts are protected by copyright so all copying and other distribution, whether by digital or mechanical means, is prohibited. Relevant images will display a copyright notice showing the work from which the artwork came, the owner of the copyright and the year.

Most photos in the photo section are free for limited personal use, so they can be downloaded for individual screensavers and wallpapers but are also protected by copyright and any copying and distribution by digital or mechanical means is prohibited.

There are many lovely people I have worked with in the course of my job. It has been my privilege to work on many books alongside other designers, setters, illustrators, production controllers, editors and of course authors. A particular big thank you to all the authors who have touched my life, directly and indirectly. I have met and talked to, emailed and wrote to various authors over the years and it has been a great pleasure. Some authors have been very kind in signing books for me and even sending me copies. (My signed books are very precious to me, unfortunately when my wife was ill I was forced to sell many of them. They were irreplaceable.) So thank you to all those authors who knowingly and unknowingly helped me. To all those authors who will see parts of their books here I hope I do justice to their work.

There is one author I owe a special thanks to.

And of course for this great website I must not forget the very talented Darren and Dave. I hope they are proud of their work.